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In Person Training  Days:
Introduction to the Creative Mindfulness for Kids Method.

The training will be hosted by Olive Houston who is a Creative Mindfulness Practitioner and Trainer based in County Louth Olive is passionate about making a positive difference in children's emotional well-being. Her mission is to promote positive mental health and wellbeing for children and adults equipping them with mindful tools to support them to navigate their lives.
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Training on:
Saturday 18th May
from 10am to 4pm

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This training introduces you to the fundamentals of teaching mindfulness to children in a creative way, a method developed by Louise Shanagher. You will learn how to help children calm their minds, understand their thoughts and feelings and cultivate kindness for themselves and others through creativity, art, craft, stories, meditation, visualization and discussion. A core part of this training will be developing our own mindfulness and self-compassion practice.

it is an introduction to the Creative Mindfulness for Kids Training course.

This course is suitable for parents, grandparents, guardians, carers, teachers, SNA’s and other professionals who work with or would like to work with children.

This one-day introductory course will be held at:

Venue: Zenergy Yoga Studio, Main Street, Blackrock, Dundalk, Co. Louth A91 PYY3

Date: Saturday the 18th of May from 10am to 4pm

Booking: Places can be booked directly through the Creative Mindfulness website by clicking on "Enroll".

Attendees: 15 max

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MEET Your instructor

Olive Houston

Co. Louth, Ireland

Olive is a Creative Mindfulness Practitioner, Trainer and Mindfulness Teacher. As an Advisor to students and fellow practitioners, she also offers support as they complete their Creative Mindfulness courses. Olive has her own business, “Mind Yourself” where she regularly offers classes, workshops and retreats to children, teens, and adults, in person and online. Her wish is simply to offer a space for everyone to feel welcome, safe, where they feel they belong. Her background includes Nursing in the UK and Ireland, Special Needs Assistance support in Primary and Preschools and has also worked as a tutor for many years in Community Education, delivering Mindfulness courses based on the wonderful trainings of Louise Shanagher to a wide variety of individuals/learners.

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 iN PERSON Training starting the 18th of MAy

Olive's philosophy

Olive is passionate about the importance of sharing Mindfulness, and particularly the Creative Mindfulness Kids Method, as developed by Louise Shanagher, with a goal of making it available and accessible to children of all ages, everywhere.  Olive believes that every one of us has so much value and we are all so deserving of the experience of feeling safe and loved.  While Olive works with a wide variety of individuals, in both group and individual settings, the intention as she prepares for a class or session is always the same. Creating a space that is warm, inviting, where everything belongs, is very important. When we feel safe, we can begin to relax, and allow ourselves to settle, to pause and just be.  It is from this space we can begin to really grow our mindfulness practice and kindness toward ourselves and others.  The Creative Mindfulness trainings have really helped Olive grow her own awareness and compassion practices and now more than ever, she wishes to support others as they are invited to develop theirs. If we can invite children from a young age to practice mindfulness and cultivate self compassion, we are offering them skills and tools which will be of great value to them for their life to benefit their physical, mental and emotional health.