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Retreat Day in the Burren:
The Wild Heart

Join Paul, an experienced psychology lecturer and certified mindfulness teacher, for a transformative one-day Nature Retreat in the serene Burren landscape. This course delves into mindfulness of nature, offering profound insights into impermanence, the self, and mental suffering. Ideal for professionals like teachers and social workers, the retreat promises a blend of internal reflection and practical learning. Secure your spot for an enlightening experience on May 25th, 2024 at the Michael Cusack Centre.
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Saturday 25th May 2024 from 10-4pm

On that day

In the heart of the ancient landscape of the Burren we will explore how mindfulness of nature can
help us to develop insight into impermanence, self, the causes of mental suffering and our true
Through mindfulness meditation we turn our attention inward to notice the nature of the body and
mind. As we do so we can see that this internal nature is not separate or distinct from the natural
world that we see around us. We will begin to reframe how we might see this mind/heart as ‘messy’
and instead appreciate it’s wildness that is an example of nature. During this day we will explore
ways to cultivate stillness in nature and to learn from the natural world so we can begin to develop
insight into, and loosen, some of the causes of mental suffering.

This course is suitable for parents, carers, teachers, social workers, and other professionals.

This one-day Nature Retreat will be held at:

Venue: Michael Cusack Centre Sheshodonnell East, Carran, Co. Clare, V95 XT95

Date: Saturday 25th May 2024 from 10-4pm

Booking: Places can be booked directly through the Creative Mindfulness website by clicking on "Enroll".

Attendees: 15 max

As an added benefit: attendees of this in-person training will gain FREE access to the online version of the course. Furthermore, you will enjoy a special 20% discount on all our courses and products—our way of saying thank you for joining our community.

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About Paul McNamee

Paul is a psychology lecturer, curriculum designer and mindfulness course facilitator. He has worked on the design and delivery of mindfulness and wellbeing courses for a number of years and co-authored ‘The Mindful Heart’ a resource book for teachers introducing mindfulness in the classroom. He has also been involved in organizing mindfulness meditation retreats and family activities and was previously resident manager at a meditation retreat centre. He currently leads programmes introducing mindfulness in the community and in school settings. Paul has a degree in psychology and further qualification in adult education and design. He is a certified mindfulness teacher through the MMTCP programme with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield and is currently completing an MSc in Mindfulness Based Wellbeing in University College Cork.

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Retreat on the 25th of MAY from 10am (IST)

Paul's philosophy

He is passionate about how an understanding of mindfulness and traditional insight meditation practices can give us a deeper sense of connection and oneness with nature. He believes that in this process both our sense of isolation and mental suffering can be relieved as well as helping to inspire action that heals our connection with the earth. One of his earliest inspirations for practicing meditation came from sitting in nature and experiencing the sense of belonging and not being separate. Since then, nature has been a constant support, inspiration and teacher throughout his journey with mindfulness meditation. Having lived for a number of years in a meditation retreat centre where he helped take care of the woodland, he has a particular resonance with the power of the forest to cultivate stillness and understanding. Drawing both on modern mindfulness and ancient insight meditation practices he believes that we can gain a much deeper insight into our internal world by taking the time to be with, explore and learn from the natural world.