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Throughout the course, you might feel you need or would benefit from some further guidance and support. You may have just commenced the course and would like some advice as you navigate the different modules and assignments, and as you connect with the community here. You may have already completed the course and would like to speak to someone experienced in sharing the work following qualification. Our Creative Mindfulness Advisors can support you in your studies and beyond. They have completed the training with Louise and work closely with her as the community continues to grow.

Meet the advisors

Olive Houston

Olive is an Accredited Creative Mindfulness Practitioner and Teacher and has worked and trained with Louise Shanagher since 2018, completing her Creative Mindfulness for Children training in July 2019 and more recently completing the full Teacher Training program.  During that time, Olive has set up her own business, Mind Yourself, where she regularly offers classes and workshops to children, teens and different groups, in person and online. Olive also currently works as a tutor in Community Education, delivering Mindfulness courses to a wide variety of individuals/learners.  Her background includes Nursing in the UK and Ireland and experience as SNA in Primary and Preschools. Olive is also very happily married to Paul and Mam of two teenage children.  Its busy but Mindfulness has played a huge part in learning how to relate to everything with gentle awareness and kindness.
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She is passionate about the importance of sharing Mindfulness, in particular the Creative Mindfulness Kids Method, as developed by Louise Shanagher, with a goal of making them available and accessible to children of all ages, everywhere! Olive also promotes the importance of personal practice, and “minding ourselves!” and works hard to invite Mindfulness and self-compassion into her own daily life. As an advisor in the Creative Mindfulness team, Olive offers a space to students to ask any questions they have as they progress through the course and as they prepare to plan and deliver their own classes. She has completed the training, walked the path from student to Practitioner.  She is in a position to bring her own experience of the course and current practice together to help guide students as they navigate their way through the training.

Some of the main area's students feel the benefit of Olives support are as follows:

•    Preparation and delivery of classes, in person and online following completion of course.
•    Delivery of the Creative Kids Method; Mindful Heart Curriculum.
•    Guidance and support throughout the modules.
•    Olives personal experiences of course completion and different tools/practices used which helped her when setting up /planning classes/workshops.

“The Creative Mindfulness Kids training is really a beautiful course and a unique personal journey which will be different for all of us.  I completed my training in person with Louise, but now, I watch the  pre recorded videos regularly and find they are really helping me as I continue to develop my own personal practice. I find each time I watch a video, I learn something else new which I can use going forward in my teaching. The best advise Louise gives all of us is to slow down, welcome the practice into our own lives, and over time, it moves from that sense of doing to get it done or completed, to each moment actually being the practice....it can be subtle at first, but I can say, personally, the way I live my own life has changed enormously over the past few years from when I first met Louise! I understand better now that sense of “coming home to myself” and sitting with that comfortably. A huge part of this training involves personal practice and taking time to develop our own relationship with Mindfulness and that is what will help us be amazing teachers and share the gift of mindfulness. It really is beautiful work. I have experienced many great joys and also some difficult moments and challenges as I follow this path into Creative Mindfulness.  I have always felt a great sense of support and connection within the community of students/practitioners growing here and of course from Louise herself.  I feel very grateful to be in a position now to share my experiences with you as you develop your practice and skills to share with all the wonderful children you meet and work with too”.

You can schedule a call with Olive by emailing her at olivehouston@hotmail.com. If there is something in particular you would like to discuss, you can let Olive know prior to call and she may have some extra resources ready to share with you. Currently, calls can be scheduled to last for half /1 hour increments.
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Jackie Farrell

Jackie Farrell is an Accredited Creative Mindfulness Practitioner who has worked and trained with Louise Shanagher since 2018. Jackie began her Mindfulness journey in 2018 where she completed ‘The Fundamentals of Mindfulness’ in Athlone IT, delivered by Louise. It was during this year where her love of mindfulness and self-compassion blossomed having noticed and experienced the personal benefits of beginning and documenting daily formal and informal mindfulness practices. Upon completion, Jackie began her Creative Mindfulness Kids Practitioner training and continued to develop her personal mindfulness and self-compassion practices. Jackie then completed Louise’s beautiful ‘Advanced Mindfulness’ course & set up ‘Mindful Scholars’ in Celbridge, Co. Kildare in order to share her new-found passion for Louise’s Creative Mindfulness Method with everyone. Jackie loves teaching the Creative Mindfulness Kids Method using lots of creativity, art and colour infused with her kind, compassionate presence! Jackie is currently completing Louise’s full Mindfulness Teacher training course.
Jackie has always been passionate about promoting positive mental health and wellbeing. Her background is in Secondary School teaching. She has 15 years teaching experience at post-primary level and is passionate about bringing Louise’s Creative Mindfulness Method to schools both primary and post-primary, around the country. Jackie is a mammy of five children and lives with her husband and children in Co. Kildare. She has found mindfulness coupled with self-compassion to be transformative. Her belief is rooted in the power of kindness and in particular, self-kindness. In Jackie’s own words “when self-kindness and self-compassion are incorporated into mindful awareness – this is where the ‘magic’ happens, we learn to love and accept our full selves in a way that is almost indescribable.” Jackie has facilitated many Creative Mindfulness workshops and classes both in-person and online in libraries, preschools, secondary schools, primary schools and after-school facilities since qualifying as a Creative Mindfulness Practitioner in 2019. She has also integrated elements of the Mindful Heart Curriculum into all her Creative Mindfulness classes and workshops.  Jackie is a self-published author and her first children’s book entitled ‘My Busy Popcorn Mind’ was published in 2021. She wrote this book with parents, educators and young children in mind to share her passion for teaching and promoting mindfulness and self-compassion. This book would never have come to fruition if it were not for Louise’s beautiful training courses, in particular her Creative Mindfulness Kids Method, along with her consistent support, advice and encouragement along the way. As an Advisor on the Creative Mindfulness Committee, Jackie offers a safe and kind space where students can ask her any questions about the course, their own personal mindfulness practice, preparing for a class or school visit, creating lesson plans and/or writing case studies or reflections for course completion, delivering lesson plans in school settings or any questions they may have in relation to the training, the Mindful Heart Curriculum or indeed, moving forward having received Certification. Since joining the Creative Mindfulness Community, Jackie has connected with lots of like-minded people, qualified practitioners and practitioners in-training. She has always found great joy in supporting and encouraging others on their own unique path. It is therefore a great honour for her to take on this supporting role as Advisor. She will do her utmost to support and guide fellow students and practitioners on their journeys and share all she has learned along the way - the ups and the downs, the struggles and the successes! Jackie is hugely indebted to Louise, Thomas and many other beautiful souls she has connected with for their help, guidance and kind support and aims to support others in this very same way.

If you wish to schedule a call with Jackie, you can do so by emailing her at mindfulscholars.celbridge@gmail.com. Any specific questions can be emailed prior to the consultation, if wished. Calls can be scheduled for a half an hour duration or for one full hour.

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What students says

"Hello, My name is Adele Rice @mindfulnesswithadele.

I have my children's Creative Mindfulness completed.  Very soon after completion I had been contacted by a school to deliver mindfulness sessions to primary school children, I was delighted to have been contacted, although I did feel myself panic a little.  I was so delighted to know that I could contact one of the advisors on the team.  I made contact with Olive Huston back in June of this year as I felt I would like to chat with someone who had experience in sharing the work of Creative Kids Methods. I was sent an initial questionnaire so that she would have information gathered in advance. Olive had extra resources available for me and points already made out before our call had happened.  Olive's dedication to this role is fabulous.

This contact was the best thing I had done.  Olive was so welcoming to me and made me feel very comfortable right from our initial contact.  Olive's passion for her role as an advisor shone through, she had such a warm, caring approach and immediately made me feel at ease.

Olive spoke with me on the phone, followed up by emails and messages she showed such  interest in what I was asking for guidance with.

Olive always explained to me about the importance of my own personal practice and how to look after myself when I felt overwhelmed by being approached by schools.

With Olive's help, kind listening ear and guidance together we had a clear plan for what I wished to bring to the school.  Olive made me feel so excited about bringing the amazing work of Creative Mindfulness to schools and I came away feeling very confident and reassured.

I have since made further contact with Olive in October and again my time spent chatting and emailing was invaluable.  Olive truly leaves no stone unturned in this role and has even checked in with me following my delivery of classes in schools.

I loved having my sessions with Olive and feel that she has even become a friend.  This community is amazing, anytime I chat with Olive I feel so warm inside and so at ease, I have made a lovely connection with Olive, she has a fabulous manner and I would never hesitate to use the service of the Advisors again. It is a 5 star from me!!  The advisor role is a fabulous addition of support and guidance for us all.

Thank you Louise & Thomas for making this possible."
- Adele Rice

"I recently booked a one hour session with Olive and it was amazing. Olive was extremely helpful and supportive. Olive emailed me prior to the call and asked what questions I would like to discuss. This gave a clear focus and structure to the call. Olive explained the information that I was looking for in detail to me. I benefitted hugely from the call and as my journey continues, I will be availing of this service again. The ladies who are in the advisor roles are so experienced and knowledgeable and offer a wealth of information."
- Bernadette Woods