Research on the physical and mental health benefits of the Creative Mindfulness Training.

In 2022, the health psychology researcher of Ulster University, Caitríona Lennon conducted research on the physical and mental health benefits of the Creative Mindfulness training for trainees who were also working as primary school teachers. The areas of self-compassion, stress and burnout, quality of life and self-compassion were examined via questionnaires and interviews. Participation in the training showed enhanced wellbeing overall for participants in the study which can be read in detail in this report.
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You can view and download here

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 The researcher would like to express deepest appreciation to the Creative Mindfulness creator Louise  Shanagher for her encouragement, enthusiasm, generosity and hard work in making the research possible. Sincere thanks also to Thomas Masselis, the Creative Mindfulness Manager Thomas for all his support and dedication to the research. Deep gratitude must also be expressed to every primary teacher who participated in the research taking time to fill our surveys, participate in interviews and engage in their creative mindfulness training . Finally, the research would also have not been possible without Dr. Marian McLaughlin, Senior Lecturer in the Psychology Department of Ulster University who stepped through all stages of the research providing the highest levels of guidance, support and expertise.