Creative Mindfulness Practitioners

Sarah Sheehan

C​reative Mindfulness for Children Practitioner

Co. Cork

Phone: -

I am an accredited Creative Mindfulness Teacher based near Cork city. At present, I am teaching children and teenagers on a one too one basis in child’s own home. I teach an eight week mindfulness course and throughout this course the child or teenager will be introduced to mindfulness. They will learn how to relax and calm their “busy minds”, through a better understanding of their thoughts and feelings and they will learn how to be kinder to themselves and others through meditation, breathing techniques, art, journaling, and visualisations. By the end of this course each child/teenager will have built their own personal “toolkit” which will help them in their everyday lives.

Lindsey Crean

C​reative Mindfulness for Children Practitioner

Tralee, Co.Kerry

Phone: 0876302155

I am a Creative Mindfulness practitioner based in Tralee, Co. Kerry and can facilitate groups of children aged 4 to 12. Currently, I am training to become a Mindfulness Teacher with Louise Shanagher through the Online Mindfulness Teacher for Life Programme with Life Practice, UK. I participate in a minimum of two retreat days per year as a form of supervision to support my mindfulness teaching. I have attended a workshop on Supporting Anxiety in Children and Teens, which was facilitated by Dr. Christoper Willard and Louise Shanagher. My background is in English language teaching, I am also interested in the performing arts and have an Associate Diploma in Speech and Drama.

Hayley O'Brien

Creative Mindfulness Teacher
Early Childhood Care & Education Fetac level 6

Co. Cork

Phone: 0851624663

I teach mindfulness classes to children through creativity. I am passionate about promoting children's positive mental health and teaching them the gift of mindfulness.  In todays fast-paced, digital and uncertain world it is important to teach children how to be present in the here and now. I can show children how to do that in my classes and also teach them the benefits of practicing kindness and compassion, gratitude and awareness of emotions and thoughts. 
Learning mindfulness has so many wonderful benefits and I feel privileged to be able to share this knowledge with children. I can teach them how to find their inner calm, a tool that will be valuable for them throughout their lives.

Caroline Murphy

C​reative Mindfulness Teacher

Co. Laois

Phone: 087 2254302

Creative“Bee-ing Me…..Mindfully” offers a unique programme of mindfulness where children learn how to bring their attention to the present moment – creatively using art & craft, stories, meditation, visualisation, music & movement. My classes help prepare ‘a toolkit’ to support children and teenagers to connect to their everyday lives, at home and in the classroom, with guidance in self-care, resilience, supporting emotions and feelings with awareness and curiosity.  An adult can assist in shaping the environment; but it is the child that perfects his own being” -Maria Montessori
Based in Co. Laois, classes/workshops are available for children from Pre-school to 18 yrs in various settings : school, afterschool clubs, social/sports clubs and any group interested in a holistic opportunity for wellbeing. I am willing to travel outside my own county, if required. Having enjoyed 30+yrs experience working in children's education as a Montessori teacher (AMI), I have also worked a Resource teacher in the Primary sector and a Private Tutor for children with ASD. Further training/certification include: Garda Vetting; Mindworks meditation fundaments; ACT for childhood professionals; 'Leadership in Inclusion' Co-ordinator (LINC) from Mary Immaculate College, Limerick; ABA, PECS, TEACCH certification; Children First and Covid-19 safety certification, On-going Adult Teacher Training with Creative Mindfulness Ltd.

Falguni Patel

Holistic Health & Wellness Teacher Mindfulness & Meditation Practitioner Creative Mindfulness for Kids and Teenagers Practitioner Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist Yoga Teacher

Loughborough (UK)

Phone: +44(0)7908 106 522

Creative My name is Falguni and I am a Holistic Health and Wellness Teacher, a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and Mindfulness & Meditation Practitioner for kids, teenagers and adults.  With 20 years of experience my passion is to help promote and nurture mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing, equipping people with self-care tools and skills that will help them throughout their life. My approach to health and wellbeing is holistic in nature, merging the wisdom of ancient traditional medicine and wellbeing practices with modern scientific knowledge, research and understanding. I run many classes and workshops in the community and for various groups for all age groups. I offer consultations and lessons online and have set up a Wellbeing Programme for Kids and Teenagers for schools and outside school which incorporates mindfulness, nutrition and yoga; a holistic programme for mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

Marie Cronnelly

Mindfulness & Creative Arts Teacher.

Athenry, Co. Galway

Phone: 087 670 9520

Creative "You’re gonna be happy”, said life, “but first I’ll make you strong” . Teaching Mindfulness to Children can lead to many positive outcomes; helping them feel calmer & more fulfilled, improves concentration and empowers them with the tools to deal with stress and anxiety. Objectives and outcomes are set over a 6 week period of 1 hour per week. I am passionate about teaching this to children, and with my training and expertise, I would welcome your child to the Mindfulness Chalet, Athenry."

Carmel O'Grady Ryan

Creative Mindfulnes Kids Practitioner, Reiki Master, Energy EFT Master, Holistic massage therapist.

Co. Tipperary

Phone: 087 2254302

I am a Creative Kids Mindfulness practitioner, Reiki Master, Energy Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Master and a holistic massage therapist from Tipperary. I am a volunteer Parent/Youth Mentor with Le Cheile Youth Justice Support Services. With my therapies, I work with every age, from very young children to adults, and I have seen for myself the profound difference it makes to a person's wellbeing, when they are given the skills on how to care for, and the knowledge of how their energy body works. Everybody deserves the opportunity to live a joyful and happy life. Children especially, deserve to have their world free of anxiety, worry and stress. Our children deserve to be given the coping skills to calm their inner world. By coming together as a community, I believe we can all help in achieving that world.

Mary Grace

B.A Sociology and Psychology
Mindfulness Practitioner
Creative Mindfulness Children’s Teacher

Co. Clare

Phone: 083 157 7392 

Bear Fruit promotes positive mental health for children in fun & creative ways. Classes equip children with the tools they need to cope and thrive in today’s world, to nourish roots of well- being & to plant wholesome seeds of kindness & self-compassion. Classes introduce mindfulness to children. I intend to create a special atmosphere, signalling to the students that this class is a time for restfulness, a chance for them to simply be..... and connect inwards! They learn how to calm their busy minds, understand & manage their thoughts and feelings, develop self-confidence & to cultivate kindness for themselves and others through arts & crafts projects, music, stories, discussion, breathing techniques/meditation & visualisation. Helping children bear the fruit of their practice. For more information on upcoming classes please contact me.

Olive Houston

Certified Creative Mindfulness Practitioner  and Teacher

Co. Louth

Phone: 087 959 0647

My goal and passion is to share the gift of mindfulness and self-compassion with children from an early age to help them develop self-care tools and cultivate kindness for themselves and others. My background is in Nursing and Special Needs Assistance in Primary schools. I like to create a space where children feel safe, contented and free to relax. Classes involve helping children learn basic mindfulness/self-care techniques which they can use to calm and relax their busy minds (through stories, discussion, meditations, art and craft activities etc.). Over the course of the programme, children begin to develop an understanding of their thoughts and feelings, thus growing emotional intelligence. With time and practice, they can begin to recognise how emotions “feel” and self-regulate accordingly. This is especially helpful for children who struggle with managing difficult emotions/struggle with worries/anxiety/fears. I work with schools, wellbeing centres, in community spaces and afterschool clubs offering six or eight-week programmes based on the principles of the Creative Mindfulness Kids Method, adapting classes to suit each individual’s needs.

Mary Grace

Creative Mindfulnes Kids Practitioner

Co. Tipperary

Phone: 087 615 2707

Creative Mindfulness Classes through Artistic Projects, Stories and Open Discussion  Children 4-12 years.

Una Mcnerney

Mindfulness Teacher and Energy Therapist

Co. Galway

Phone: 087 260 0726

I am trained in creative mindfulness for kids, Connected kids tutor, teacher in the philosophies of Louise Hay, Energy therapist, Energy EFT master practitioner, Reiki Master, Meditation & Mindfulness for teenagers and adults. I am very passionate about teaching kids Mindfulness & Meditation. I am an energy therapist and like most people who do this work would have had big issues myself when I was younger especially with self-love and self-worth, so feel quite strongly about being able to give kids tools that they can utilize themselves if and when they need to. I really believe there is know one that this work will not benefit.

Julie Horsom

Steiner Kindergarten teacher, Yoga and Mindfulness teacher

Co. Waterford

Phone: 086 855 9685

My background is in early years care and education. I am a qualified and experienced Montessori Teacher & Steiner Waldorf Kindergarten teacher. I have been running my own preschool service in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford for 28 years, with children aged 2.5 to 5.5 years of age in a small, intimate & urban setting working with the Steiner Waldorf of principles and practice. I have been practising yoga, meditation & mindfulness for 20 years. I am trained, qualified & registered Adult and Childrenʼs yoga teacher and also in baby massage & parent/baby yoga. I am blessed to be able to combine my passions which is working with children and their families in early years care and education while using yoga, mindfulness and nurturing touch (baby massage), & promoting compassion to self and others, positive mental health and well-being. I am trained in the Creative Kids Practitioners training and Mindful Hearts Curriculum By Louise Shanager. This curriculum is for children aged 4 -12 years of age and is linked to the Irish primary schools SPHE curriculum. I offer afternoon and Saturday morning childrenʼs creative mindfulness classes in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

Fiona Delaney

Preschool Owner & Mindfulness Teacher

Co. Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown

Phone: 087 615 2707

I am Fiona the owner of the Playroom Stillorgan after 20 years working as a sales and marketing director, I went back to college to study Montessori. I have always loved children and I find child psychology and development fascinating. I set up The Playroom Stillorgan in 2017. Since then I have continued to study and have completed several psychology modules with the institute of childhood psychology and education. I have recently completed studying Creative Mindfulness for children and I am so happy to be introducing a new Calm Kids Programme in 2020. I offer afterschool courses in Stillorgan, Co Dublin and will also offer online programes in September 2020. I really believe that mindfulness is a wonderful self-care tool that every child should have in their back pocket for when they might need it.

Ann Hoare

Creative Mindfulness Practioner
Reiki, Baby and child reflexology instructor

Co. Offaly

Phone: 086 878 0282

I am originally from limerick, living from birr about 16 years. We have 3 kids, our youngest son has down syndrome. I have learned unconditional love, compassion, kindness from my son which he shows us every day.  I have being praticising reflexology for a number of years and in this role I have noticed the rise in anxiety among kids, teenagers and families. My aim is to provide a safe space, to share the gift of mindfulness through meditation, creative expression and movement. I hope to bring mindfulness classes to kids and teenagers. I also hope to bring mindfulness to parents of children with special needs. 

Leona McDonnell

Creative Mindfulness for Children Practitioner

Co. Cavan, Meath and Westmeath

Phone: 087 416 1842

An advocate for being present in and living in the very present moment. From a journey of mental, emotional and physical illness to self-help, healing and recovery, I have spent the last number of years practicing mindfulness. Coupled with journaling, gratitude exercises, practicing yoga, meditation, energy healing, using essential oils and deep thought and reflection, I have reconnected with and healed my core centre, my life force, my tree of life. With my first-hand experience in dealing with illness, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, I can share with you some of the techniques that I used to transform my life, to help you to become the best version of yourself, to reconnect with your core centre and to achieve your hopes and dreams. An overall Mindful and Wellness approach to living from the inside to the outside of the Mind, Body & Spirit. Promoting and helping to achieve a balanced, consistent, easy-living approach to daily life through Mindfulness, Meditation, Wellness, and through the Energetic Body.

Caroline Murphy

Creative Mindfulness for Children Practitioner
(BA) Fine Art, (MA) Art Therapy

Co. Cork

Phone: 085 165 1021

Creative expression is something that has always been important to me, both professionally and personally. Participating in mindfulness can be hugely beneficial for many reasons.It can be helpful in terms of emotional recognition and self regulation. It can also promote a sense of wellbeing and self-compassion. I hold a Masters in Art Therapy.I also have a BA in Fine Art from Crawford College of Art and Design. As a Senior Art Therapist I have extensive experience of working with children and adults in a variety of settings. In my work as a therapist she has worked in many educational and residential settings including experience working with The Blue Box Centre in Limerick, my own private practice in Cork and with The Brothers of Charity. I am delighted to be currently working as a Senior Art Therapist for The Rainbow Club in Cork. The Rainbow Club is a charity that​ aims to help and support children, teenagers, young adults and their families living with autism.

Emer Meade

B.A Applied Social Studies
Creative Mindfulness for Children

Co. Westmeath

Phone: 089 4842473

My name is Emer Meade, I am a mother to three with 15 years experience working across the social care area. I am a qualified creative mindfulness kids practitioner and hold classes in the Athlone area for children between the ages of 4-12 years. Arts & calm helps children to calm their busy minds through art, stories, breathing techniques, meditation in a relaxed and safe environment. For enquires, class time table and further info you can contact me by email, phone or on Facebook @Art & calm. 

Jamie Boyce

Mindfulness Teacher and Creative Therapist for Children and Adolescents

Co. Wicklow

Phone: 086 243 1342

Providing play and creative therapy to children and adolescents aged 4-17 years, provide group and one to one mindfulness sessions to children and parent mentoring sessions also.

Julie Voss

Creative Mindfulness for Children Practitioner

Co. Donegal

Phone: 087 286 0657

Our aim is to teach Mindfulness to children and promote positive mental health in fun and creative ways. Mindfulness for children is suitable for children aged 4 to early teens and classes can be adapted to suit children/teens with additional needs. For children with additional needs, we invite parents to join the classes so they can continue to use the skills they have learnt in the home environment. Our classes introduce children to mindfulness through breathing techniques, meditation, stories, arts and crafts and discussion. Children will learn how to understand and manage feelings, develop self-confidence and calm and relax. We offer day time and evening classes.

Mary Sludds

Reflexology, Reiki and Creative Mindfulness for Children Practitioner

Co. Laois

Phone: 086 386 4761

I am a qualified creative kids mindfulness practitioner, also a qualified calm kids and connected kids tutor.I hold mindfulness and self-compassion courses for kids in Portlaoise and Mountmellick,for kids aged between 4-12yrs. I am also qualified in, reflexology, indian head massage, hopi ear candling, and access bars, I am a reiki Master and an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master Instructer. I teach IET Therapy to kids, teenagers and adults and I also hold relaxation /energy mornings for kids aged 7-14yrs.

Sal Roche

Creative Mindfulness for Children Practitioner

Co. Dublin

Phone: 0877781536

I started working with children over twenty years ago, teaching dance and drama. For several years I taught dance as part of the P.E. curriculum in national schools and ran courses for principals and teachers. After my son was born, I decided to focus on bringing movement and storytelling to toddlers and pre-schoolers at parent and toddler groups and play cafés. Pre Covid, I achieved a post graduate diploma in Cultural Event Management and ran a play café and children and family events. I’ve been practicing mindfulness and meditation for several years myself and after completing a well being in schools course with the Irish Mindfulness Academy I went on to do the Creative Mindfulness course. Teaching children about mindfulness and meditation through arts and crafts is such a great idea and the children really enjoy it. It is so important now more than ever that we give children the tools to manage their mental health. I am currently working with children aged 5-12 in North Dublin through Zoom classes with craft materials posted to the children each week.

Máire Shanahan

Mindfulness coach/teacher
Mindfulness in nature

Co. Tipperary

Phone: 085 774 8177

Mindfulness for adults, children, persons with disabilities and parents. Mother to 3 with over 20 years experience working across disability fields. My passions are nature and the environment and sharing mindfulness with others. I have been teaching mindfulness for a number of years and enjoy meeting so many great people and seeing the benefits that practicing mindfulness makes to them.

Emer Enright

Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist

Dungarvan, Co.Waterford

Phone: 0863288951

Elevate Wellbeing creates an environment in which You Are Uplifted. Elevate offers an inspirational variety of wellbeing practices to suit all needs. Clients can experience a variety of practices, from an active yoga class or a calming meditation, a mindfulness workshop or a massage – whatever you feel your mind, body and spirit require to support you on your path toward wholeness. Making a positive difference is at the centre of the Elevate Wellbeing ethos.

Adele Rice

Creative Mindfulness Kids Practitioner

Co.Down, Northern Ireland

Phone: 07843440972

I am qualified Accredited Children's Creative Mindfulness Practitioner. My aim is to promote children's positive mental health and wellbeing. Mindfulness enables children to understand all of their feelings and therefore be kinder to themselves & others by using fun and creative mindfulness methods. I am a mum to two boys and I am aware of how difficult it can be for children growing in this everchanging world. I worked previously as a children’s nurse for 15 years and had a tough decision to leave my job to care for my son which is when I found my love for mindfulness. I feel very strongly that children should be able to accept their feelings, understand them (both good and bad feelings) and who they are, and by using mindfulness techniques, I aim to give children the internal tools to help them deal with difficult situations they may encounter in everyday life. I feel so privileged to be able to share my knowledge with children, currently I have had the honour of working with children age 4-12 years in schools, youth clubs and group sessions. Please contact me for any further information and follow my updates on @mindfulnesswithadele on Facebook and Instagram.

Alex Skeete

Creative Mindfulness Practitioner for Children and Teens, SEND Teacher

Liverpool, UK

Phone: 085 774 8177

Hello! I’m Alex and I am a Creative Mindfulness Practitioner, SEND teacher and private tutor. I’ve been a qualified teacher since 2018 and have supported schools and educators in the South East and North West. I host Mindfulness Classes for children and teenagers to empower and support the wellbeing of young individuals. I also offer Creative Mindfulness workshops in schools and personalised tutoring sessions through child-led learning as I am passionate about building confidence, resilience, accountability and awareness in our youth to make a bigger impact and a difference. I have taught in schools for children with additional needs for two years, therefore, I am proud to provide sessions for all learners. Further training/certification include: BA (Hons) Performing Arts, PGDE Primary Education, Safeguarding and Child Protection, Youth Mental Health and First Aid, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Diploma Creative Mindfulness Ltd.