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We offer online classes that are designed to give you the freedom and flexibility to complete your coursework at a pace that suits you. Once enrolled, you can start whenever it's convenient for you and have lifetime access to all course materials! Our courses cater not only to teachers but also therapists, mental health professionals, parents or anyone interested in this field. We understand how important mindfulness is on one's journey towards self-discovery; therefore we provide compassionate support throughout your learning experience with us.


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If you require financial aid for your educational pursuits, the Irish Social Welfare offers a Training Support Grant that could potentially assist you. To check if you meet the eligibility criteria, kindly visit their website and reach out to one of their friendly case officers who will be happy to guide you through the process. It's important to note that this grant is solely applicable towards enrollment in Creative Mindfulness for Kids Training course and not valid for Mindfulness Teacher Training program.

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Accredited Mindfulness Teacher Training

This programme equips students with the skills, knowledge, resources, confidence and full accreditation to teach mindfulness to children, pre-school children, teenagers, adults, parents, families, and professionals including individual mindfulness coaching sessions. The course enables you to offer mindfulness programs in pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, third level institutions, in the work place, and health care settings. When completing this course, you will benefit from full individual and ongoing support by Louise Shanagher including life time access to weekly mindfulness classes.

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 You must complete the Accredited Online Creative Mindfulness for Kids Training before enrolling in any add-on courses, as they are extensions of this course. Thanks! 

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