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All our online classes are self-paced, allowing you for greater flexibility in completing your coursework. You can start your course whenever you like. As soon as you enroll you have access to the course and can complete it at your own pace. You will have life long access to all the course material! The courses are suitable for teachers, therapists, mental health professionals, parents and anyone interested in working in this area. You will always be supported by us on your mindfulness journey with compassion and kindness.


Offering access to everyone

Depending of your situation, the Irish Social Welfare offers a Training Support Grant to help you funding your studies. To know if you are eligible please check on their website and contact a case officer. For the Teacher Training, full payment is required regardless of the success of your application.



Accredited Mindfulness Teacher Training

This programme equips students with the skills, knowledge, resources, confidence and full accreditation to teach mindfulness to children, pre-school children, teenagers, adults, parents, families, and professionals including individual mindfulness coaching sessions. The course enables you to offer mindfulness programs in pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, third level institutions, in the work place, and health care settings. When completing this course, you will benefit from full individual and ongoing support by Louise Shanagher including life time access to weekly mindfulness classes.

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