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Loving Kindness for Peace within ourselves and peace in the world with Edel Curtis.

We will explore mindfulness, compassion and loving kindness based practices which will support us to cultivate peace within ourselves, in our families, communities and the wider world. We will also take time to reflect on cultivating peace in body, mind and heart throughout this New Year.
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Retreat on Saturday
the 27th of January
From 11am to 3pm (IST)

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Edel Curtis

Co. Limerick, Ireland

Edel first began working with children over 30 years ago, owns her own preschool and afterschool service in Ballingarry County Limerick and also delivers in service training in creches and childcare services. In searching to develop her knowledge on supporting children with their emotional well-being, she studied the Creative Mindfulness Teaching course, developed and delivered by the most talented Louise Shanagher. This has been life changing both personally and, in her work, and she continues to work daily on her own personal practices, which has improved her mental health, anxiety and look at the positives in life. She now shares the benefits that she has truly reaped while doing this course and has developed her own business, “Embrace Me with Edel Curtis” where she teaches the methods of Creative Mindfulness to children, teens and adults.

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 iN PERSEON RETREAT starting the 27th of January

Edel's philosophy

Edel truly believes the earlier we provide children with the skills to support them through their emotional well-being, we are setting them up for life to help them understand and express their thoughts and feelings while cultivating kindness, gratitude and friendship. These skills promote positive mental health, general well-being as well as strengthening cognitive functioning, confidence and resilience.
 “If I was told from the very beginning that childhood defines adult mental health, we would take care to be more loving of a child’s soul”. -Lael Stone.
Now that Edel has studied the course and has seen the positive benefits that Creative Mindfulness makes in children’s lives, she feels passionate that it should be introduced as a module in the Early Years Courses. Every childcare practitioner should have the knowledge and skills to support children with their emotional well-being.
Edel has written her first book “Robbie’s Mindful Adventures, My First Day in School” and she iknows there are many more adventures to come in this work.